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About Us

Travel Bedford has been created by Sustrans and Bedford Borough Council to help residents and visitors to have a clear, one-stop-shop about travelling actively and sustainable around the borough.

In July 2012, Sustrans and Bedford Borough Council were awarded grant funding from the Department for Transport out of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. This funding is aimed at improving cycling, walking and public transport links with Bedford’s two railway stations and to increase active travel within Bedford in general. Travel Bedford has been funded from this Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Sustrans are a national sustainable transport charity whose aim is to enable people to choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys. Sustrans have officers based all over the UK and work with schools, businesses and the community to help achieve their aim. For more details about Sustrans please visit www.sustrans.org.uk

Sustrans have provided the content for this site and Bedford Borough Council manage the design and construction of the site.

Report A Highway Fault

If you find a problem with the roads then please report it to Bedford Borough Council’s Highways Helpdesk on 01234 718003 or highways.helpdesk@bedford.gov.uk

Download Bedford’s Clean Streets App for smart phones so you can report problems when you’re out and about.

CTC also have a great facility for reporting potholes in the road - www.fillthathole.org.uk/hazards/report

Roadworks In Bedford Borough

The map below gives information on roadworks for road users in and around Bedford Borough.

Sustrans Schools Art Trail

During August 2016 art work from 7 schools in Bedford will be on display on a circular walking and cycling route near Danish Camp, MK44 3QG.

Enjoy some fresh air this summer and have an adventure spotting the art work in the trees while walking, scooting or cycling around the 3 mile, entirely off-road, circular route.

For more details please contact Yo.Higton@sustrans.org.uk or call Yo on 01234 276048 .